Let's move together against waste!

SOWL is concerned not only about taste but also about its ecological impact. Bulk and limited use of plastic is therefore given pride of place.

Bagasse bowls and wooden cutleries are available for everyone.

SOWL also offers a range of reusable containers that are easy to take everywhere!

Come to SOWL with your own reusable container,

 and save 5% on your purchase.


Indeed, we offer reusable cutleries and a range of reusable containers, sold at cost price. In addition, by limiting the use of containers, the volume of our garbage is reduced. Let’s keep it simple and not multiply waste.

Letting our customers create their own bowl ingredient by ingredient is a very simple way to reduce food waste, they only choose what they like.

The notion of bulk is everywhere: We have a purified water fountain, nothing is pre-packed! Not even the water,…